Wednesday, May 7, 2008

play slots

If your hobbies is playing online casino, so, you should know what game that give you big prize of money till million of dollar, in casino world it called JackPot, and there is jackpot in Online Slots only. So if you want to get big money instantly and not take longer time, so online slots is the right game.

All that you need to win this game just use your own strategy to fix the combination in slots machine. For Example, if you choose online slots, that have fruit picture, so, you should make 3 banana without combination in fruit machines, it’s easy itsn’t it ?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bed and breakfast paris

if someone told me i would be spending my weekend in Paris Hotels and having Paris bed and breakfast , i would have laughed at them! but now, this would not have been such a surprise for me. this is because of Hotel Paris . this hotel provides you bed and breakfast in Paris. is it not cool to have bed and breakfast in a great city like Paris??

Phelios games

I like to play a lot of Sparkle for mac such as railroad tycoon, or the famous transport tycoon. But I never play mac games because I don’t have apple mac pc in my home. My friend has told me that mac games offer great design and amazing enhanced graphic. It makes me curious and wants to buy mac. So I decided to saves some parts of my money to buy it. Wish me

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


A new craze is now taking its shape among us filmmakers as well as internet junkie. Poker and not just the traditional poker, online poker. Most of us now in the team is addicted in playing online poker. Like me for one, I am now seriously playing poker. I’m taking my poker skills to the next level. And in order for me to improve my poker skills, I am using poker calculator from I can now dominate my opponents and win more hands. With the poker strategy learned from, playing online poker made easy. Poker tips from Professional Poker players and award winning statistics experts are the one who helped in creating this helpful tool for poker enthusiasts. Great news for us!

Dream and win

No, I did not win any lottery number. What I did is to preach about Psalm 1:1-3 today in church. It is about how we Christians can receive God's blessings. I'm sure when I mentioned the word "blessings" many people especially the people of this world would think about winning lottery numbers. It is not a surprise that many would buy lottery numbers because they want to get rich fast. However winning lottery number is not God's way of blessings His people

Monday, April 14, 2008

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Online Backgammon

I always wanted to learn the game backgammon. It seemed interesting to me because the players played on a nice portable desk. They can play anywhere, even in the car. I was a fan of checkers, chinese checkers and chess, so you can imagine that backgammon held particular interest for me.

Now that I am a stay-at-home-mom, I have time to learn the game. I looked for online backgammon sites where I could learn the basics of the game. I learned about Gammon World, where backgammon online is a big event. I never imagined that backgammon was a hugely popular game! Backgammon tournaments are regularly scheduled so that fans of the game may play, show off their winning strategies, and even win big money. I'm so tempted right now to join in the fun!

Online Backgammon

Are you fond of on-line games? Well, it is your chance to visit the latest and fastest Online games in the world – internet backgammon. Internet backgammon is the world’s largest and widest backgammon club worldwide. It is free for those who want to play. And it is your chance to meet and play with other people all over the world. Not only that, as a reward, you can win for real money.

Online backgammon will provide you the adventure you wanted in an on-line games. It is not a painstaking in your wallet instead it will give pleasure and bonuses. Play now and experience the thrill you wanted! And it is your chance to meet new people outside the country. So cohorts, what are you waiting for play backgammon. And be part of the crowd. And experience the nonstop and variety On-line backgammon’s service.

Online Snooker

You do not want your son or husband or boyfriend to go out and play billiards? Introduce them to online billiards! Log on to an enjoy playing 8 Ball Pool or 9 Ball Pool in 3D. This site has the largest billiard rooms so you will be able to play billiards with other people from all around the world. You can try it for free first then once you have honed your skills, you can try playing for money. Online Snooker is also available.