Friday, March 21, 2008

Action and Reaction

No,its not about 'Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction'.It is about ,'Should every action neccesarily have an equal and opposite reaction'?Under the laws of science, newton might be true but under the laws of humanity he need not be.Actions may/may not be controlled, but definitely reactions can be.It would be too saintly to stay calm when someone dear to me suffers from heartattack,atleast my reaction need not create another one for them.What if my best friend forgot to wish on my brithday? I can choose not to get disappointed, instead tell her ways of remembering it.What if my brother breaks my favorite glass sovenier from france, I need not yell at him at top of my voice,if not able to wear a smile for his act.What if my collegue misplaces the imp document of mine?though I might be really irritated, i could just say ' it happens'.We face so many actions each day, it really is the reaction we choose that makes or breaks the day.I say to myself everytime when i am in such situation,the reaction need not be positive or good always but it need not hurt or damage (us/anyone) either.

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