Sunday, March 23, 2008


Fact: I am true.Gossip: I am the famous.Fact: I am useful.Gossip: I am Interesting.F: I am good.G: I am not always bad.F: I make Journals and Publications.G: I make Headlines and sell Magazines.F:I am based on Science.G: I am based on Character.F:I am believed and Respected.G:I am most sought after.F:I am authenticated.G:I need no Proof.F: I am being learnt.G: I am being talked about.F:I note the speed of light.G:I travel more than speed of light.F:I make statisticsG:I make storiesF:I am never denied .G:I am always welcomed .F:I rule the mind.G:I rule the tongue.F:I am always remembered.G: oops....I vanish with time.