Friday, March 28, 2008

Technical School

Before college we never thought high school would ever help us in our careers and future jobs. Maybe help us in college but not in the real world in particular. Why? Simply because all we learn from high school are just basics of each subjects and maybe not that practical for real life experiences. I'm not saying all is non-beneficiary, I'm just saying most probably subjects in our high school days wouldn't help us much after college. In my experience, that is somewhat true. Well, except the fact that I came from a Technical School, because in a technical school you are thought more about technology and technical stuff than academics. For all I know, technical stuff is more practical knowing than academics. But of course academics should also be learned though. If you try to work in a factory or a industry, most probably they'll hire persons who know much about machinery and technology depending on the job. But if you want a job that is not working with technology in particular maybe academics is suited better. Well, what do you think is more in demand nowadays? In my opinion, technical operators and people with technical skills are more in demand. No job for you? Try tech schools this might be your way up in the industry. Have it training, web design knowledge, multimedia and graphic design, network design, electrical engineering and e-business

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