Saturday, March 22, 2008

Slow Poison

I am getting increasingly annoyed at the reality shows broadcasted and the controversies they raise.Either a set of people are held in a house for three weeks without any communication to outside world or sent to live in remote Island and filmed.There is a whirlpool of controversies surrounding each of this programme and morning newspapers craving for the headlines.I dont understand what fun people get in watching such shows.Neither it is informative nor interesting.Its sheer bullying,biting the back, unneccesary arguments and raising the row of sensitive topics like racism,ethinicity and cultures.Its very obvious that when 15 -20 people from different situations and different backgrounds meet there will be difference of opinions, likes and dislikes, grouping and clashes.Some funny people truly follow all the episodes and there is a awful lot of other programmes associated with it like psycologial ananlyzes of minds inside the house, best of the bits and other junks.I used to feel the same for soaps back home, hour after hour of continous glycerine glory aimed at kindling emotions as though they were intended to empower women,but it was all crap and you can predict the plot of the story well before uptp 3-6months or somtimes the entire serial.To my horror I find here some daily soaps have been there for more than 8-10 years , one of the few things that unite two generations who have otherwise grown a lot apart.I feel movies are much better coz, even if its worse you just waste maximum of three hours.Are we running short of ideas here or the media want us to become dumb heads rather than eggheads???