Monday, March 17, 2008

Get paid for blogging -The SMORTY Way

Hello all! am here again with another sweet news. This time around with something that will really really be useful. Guess what you actually get paid for blogging. Yeah i can hear you sayin ' whats big fun in it, we all know it already'. Yupe i can get you. There are different paid posts services out there but not all are equal in terms of being 'beneficial' in our perspective. The main demerit of most of such services is the lack of topics that are available on which we can post about. And there is a great amount of race to catch the posts available, if any. The one service that hasn't had these flaws is SMORTY. Infact i've had an oppurtunity available for review, whenever i needed one and you get to do more stuff lik that depending on your calibre. First time i was turned down . The reason stated was lack of index pages. When i got the problem fixed i was immediately approved. The thing i was flabbergasted about was the supersonic speed in which my query was answered. Great customer-support team. Special Kudos! to you people. This SMORTY thing acts as a bridge between the advertisers who want their products to be advertised and the bloggers who actually get paid for writing posts on the products. The minimum amount you get for writing a post in SMORTY is 6$. Your posts gets reviewed within 72 hours. But these guys are pretty serious about the authenticity of the posts . For all you people who think plagiarism is your birth habit, door will be shown ASAP. So better watch out.