Friday, March 28, 2008

Auto Loan

Mom’s taxi service is about worn out. I really need to get a car for my oldest so she can start running some of these errands. She’s had her driver’s license for 2 years now and has done so well, I have every confidence that if she has her own car she will be a careful and responsible driver.A friend of the family has a car lot in Northern Virginia. I don’t usually drive all the way up there, but i called him today and asked if he had any bargains on the lot. He said that he was sure he could find a good car for her, but he wasn’t sure he could help her with a car loan.I’m not all that concerned about the financing from the dealer. I know of a website that has information on car loans and they help people nationwide. You can apply online for an Auto Loan and find out online if you’ve been approved. They even have auto loans for people with bad credit. Our credit is not bad, but I would like to find a way to get my daughter involved with the loan and start building her own credit. I’ll send them an email and ask for help from their representative in the morning. Then we can drive up to Falls Church and see what kind of car we can buy.

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