Sunday, March 23, 2008

Best Bits

I am so excited that I am going back home. Looking back this one year, here are some best experiences, might call it miniscule milestones as well :).Know A-B-C of Backpacking.Cook decent meals.Pick good movies online.Visit to my dream city of venice.Understand Scottish accent.Hattrick Europe Yatras.Hiked 13 miles in 4.5 hrs.Learnt Advanced Embroidery.Posed for 100 odd single snaps in Amsterdam flower garden.Going Green-Using Cycle to commute to Office.Gallop Double Chocolate Muffins in no time.Make snowman-Never seen snow before this:).Caught by railway Police in Italy for having lost the ticket when there was less than an hour to catch flight to UK.Seen Mini &Mickey in Disneyland.Enjoyed Awesome View of Paris from Eiffel Tower.Hated taking Support calls during Fun Trip.Google Chat whole day in office - most of the days:)List goes on.....On the whole it was an exciting leg of a journey called life:)

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