Saturday, March 22, 2008

Truth or Dare!!

I love caricatures and I feel they depict the 'real funny side' of you..atleast thats what caricaturist claim...When I had been to Italy I tried my hand out at gettin myself caricatured!!!..I was so excited and since I paid a hefty 20 euros, I righteoulsy expected it to be quite like me!!When I have too much expectations about a stuff, it always end in a great mishap and so did this!!!......after a gruelling 10 min 'statue pose',least i expected was to see the pic and not to have the slightest inkling that it was me....adding fuel to the fire, the caricaturist next to him was charging only 10 euros for the same job...grrrrrrrrr!!!If I take this home, I have to undergo the ignominy of explaining it to everyone that its 'me'...I am thinking of framing it labeled with my avoid anyone speculating coz someone with great creativity might say it looks like step sister of cindrella!!well its ok ..coz once before when i went to windsor castle(official residence of queen elizabeth II) I dressed like a princess and took a pic and gave my mom.....she proudly giggled that I had a aristrocratic two sides of same coin!!!'Objects in the mirror are very different from what you want them to appear'...

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