Friday, March 21, 2008

Food for Thought!!

When you are single and 4500 miles from home, parents, friends and relatives you really need a a big hook to pull you away from monster of boredom, esp during weekends.Atleast I needed:)After three trips around europe and not missing a tourist attraction in UK ,I was not able to save my soul cribbing from solitude. Oh! Did I forget to tell that I had already tried the regular experiments of being glued to T.V , watching movies on internet ,trying out receipes of disaster.Suprsingly One day couple of weeks bfr Christmas, when I was busy scanning through the best christmas offers for electronic and clothing items on the High street, I was handed out a leaflet of mass prayer in a catholic church in town center.I went to chruch the next day out of curiosity to know what happens in a mass to and also to make my sunday morning more meaningful.First time in this sleepy small town, mostly consisting of senior citizens I could see people in some decent numbers. Otherwise my usual site would be broad roads with trees and greenary everywhere, just one or two humans walking their dogs.Now being a regular chruch goer,I have got a different perception of life, seeing world as my extended family and praying for someone whom I havent met .I have made some real good freinds too, just that they are 40 or 45 years elder to me:):)...well its a diffrent kinda experience and I seem to enjoy it.After a year here, when I told my friends that I might be leaving this place for good ,everyone felt bad and One was quick to give me some grandmotherly advice.She told me that the only one thing which will come along with me wherever I go is 'Whatever I grow inside myself' .She was more quicker to ask ' what I grow in me'??I was smart enough to evade answering telling 'that seems to be a million dollar question' to me ,but the truth is I didnt know the answer.Then she told me 'whatever it is, never grow bitterness or sorrow'.
I felt that sometimes its the most easiet questions that we dont know the answer for!!Atleast I wish these words keep ringing in my mind forever!!!

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